How to Care For Your Home’s Siding During The Summer

Your siding is crucial to the protection and well-being of your house’s exterior– it protects against harsh weather conditions and holds your home together. As the years go by, your siding will need some maintenance and TLC to help it stay in good shape.  

From the home siding experts at Landmark Exteriors, here are a few tips to help you maintain your siding during the summer months: 

Look For Damage and Problems

Before doing any other kind of care for your siding, it’s important to do an inspection. Be on the lookout for any signs of warping, breaks, missing pieces, or other damages or irregularities. More specifically, check for split panels, peeling paint, and changes in texture for vinyl siding. If your home has wood siding, look for loose boards, soft spots, insects, and other signs of rot. 

Clean The Siding

Your home’s siding is very susceptible to plenty of dirt, dust, and debris, especially once summer arrives. As things build up, it is also possible for mold and mildew to grow as well. The cleaning method you choose should depend on your siding’s material. In general, try using a cloth or sponge and a mild detergent to scrub and then rinse for surface cleaning. Consider power washing if your siding is sturdy and needs a deep clean.  

Refurbish The Paint

Your siding sits in the sun all day long, and those intense sun rays can lead to some wear and fading of the paint. Summer is a great time to get a new coat of paint on your siding, so it not only looks good as new but is protecting your home properly.  

Schedule Repairs And Replacements

If any issues with your home’s siding need to be fixed or replaced, don’t put it off– the damage could become worse and more costly the longer you wait. Contact your local roofing professionals to examine the issue and make the recommended repairs or replacements. 

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