Thanksgiving Prep Tips

Young happy woman preparing salad for Thanksgiving meal at home.

The holidays are here, and first up, we have Thanksgiving! Enjoy your small gathering this year around the table with your closest family or friends to enjoy some delicious food, quality time, and give thanks for all you have in your life.  

Don’t let the anticipation and stress of the big day get to you. Now is the perfect time to plan and prep for Thanksgiving so you’re ready and the festivities go off without any problems. Remember, even if you’re the one doing the hosting, cooking, and work, you deserve to have a stress-free, enjoyable holiday just the same!

Plan Out The Menu

The worst thing to do would be to wait until the last minute to decide what you plan on cooking. Look through your recipes, think about what you did last year, and what is realistic for you to be able to cook in your kitchen and with your time. You’ll be thrilled you planned this all out ahead of time.

Make A Grocery List

Now that you’ve got your meal planned, it’s time to make your shopping list! Right down every ingredient and item, you need to bring your Thanksgiving meal to life, so you don’t find yourself confused at the grocery store, or even worse, you forget something!

Do Some Cleaning

Make sure your home is all clean and tidy before the big day. This will save you lots of stress and help put you in the right mindset the day of knowing everything is already clean and clear. This includes clearing space on your kitchen counters for all the food, cleaning out your oven so it’s ready for all the food you’ll be cooking, and getting rid of any clutter that can get in your way or distract you from enjoying the holiday.

Prep Your Fridge And Freezer

Another essential part of your home to prep is your fridge and freezer! Whether it’s to keep items cool before the big meal or store all your leftovers, you won’t want to be fumbling to make room with the food already in your hands. Take some time beforehand to move items around and clear out space in both your fridge and freezer.

Plan And Set The Table

Why wait till the day of to set your dining table? Knock off another thing on your list by clearing and setting the table you plan to dine at ahead of time, so it’s one less worry on the big day, and you can focus on your cooking and other responsibilities. 

Schedule The Day

If you haven’t already, make a list and schedule everything you need to do on Thanksgiving day. Having this list to refer back to will keep you on track and distressed so you can focus on enjoying the holiday as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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