The Importance of Cedar Roofing Preservation

Gable fronted dormer window and wood shingled roof on the Crater Lake National Park Steel visitor center.

Cedar roofing continues to be a popular choice for homeowners for its beautiful appearance, longevity, weather resistance, and energy efficiency. However, some homeowners forget the importance of regular maintenance and preservation to ensure that their home’s cedar not only looks its best but lasts as long as possible.  

Benefits of Cedar Roofing Preservation

Here are some of the many ways cedar roofing preservation is beneficial: 

  • Enhance the cedar’s natural beauty. Cedar roofing adds elegance and class to your home, and with preservation, that beauty will remain and last for years to come. 
  • Increase your roof’s lifespan. An untreated cedar roof may need complete replacement after 15-18 years, while treating your roof every five years may make it possible for your roof to last 35-50 years before needing to be replaced.
  • Protect against the weather. As the seasons’ change, your cedar roof will be battered with snow, rain, winds, and more. Though your cedar roof is durable, the shakes can be damaged more easily if not protected and preserved regularly. 
  • Prevent mildew and algae growth. Cedar shakes are prone to mildew and algae growth if left untreated for long periods of time. 

Cedar-Life by Landmark Exteriors

Cedar-Life, the sister company of Landmark Exteriors, is a leader in cedar roof and siding preservation. Our proprietary process cleans and preserves cedar, delaying the harmful effects of sun, rain, and snow, as well as preventing mildew and algae growth. We only use proven, tested, and certified products, including our one-of-a-kind cedar cleaner, which is bleach-free and environmentally friendly. 

Cedar-Life is proudly regarded as an industry leader in cedar roof and siding preservation. When you choose Cedar-Life, you are hiring cedar experts dedicated to improving the health and beauty of your home’s cedar.

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