Tips For Choosing The Best Roofing Color For Your Home

New residential home with metal roof

Roofs serve an important function in protecting your home and everything inside, but it also plays a big role in the overall aesthetics and attraction of your house’s curb appeal. Color can make all the difference, and if you’re looking to get a new roof, this isn’t a decision you’ll want to rush. 

From the Landmark Exteriors roofing experts, here are a few tips to help you choose the best roofing color for your home:

Match The Color of Your House

The first step in choosing the right roof color is to look at the rest of your home’s exterior. The most important thing is that your roof’s color complements the rest of your home for a unified, attractive look. Take a look at these expert recommended color combinations to get you started: 

  • Red house – Dark brown, dark gray, black roof
  • Blue house – Gray, brown, black, white roof
  • Green house – Light cream, light brown, ivory, gray roof
  • Brown house – Shades of brown that are lighter or darker than the siding color, black, gray, green, blue, red roof
  • White house – Brown, gray, black, green, blue, red roof
  • Beige house – Brown, black, gray, dark green, dark blue roof
  • Light gray house – Dark gray, dark green, dark blue, black, white roof

Decide if You Want to Make a Statement or Not

Do you want your roof to stand out on your block or blend seamlessly with your neighbors? Do you want a vibrant color or one that’s more neutral? You’ll definitely want to consider how bold of a color you want to choose for your home and how much it will pop compared to your house’s exterior and surroundings. 

Look Around Your Neighborhood

Drive or walk around your neighborhood and look for other homes with a similar style or exterior color to yours and see what color roofing they have. This can help you get a real-life idea of what colors will look best and what to avoid when making the decision for your home.

Look at The Color in Real Life

Don’t just base your decision off of what you see on a screen. Get some sample roofing colors and get outside. Hold up the colors and see what matches. Don’t forget to look at different times of the day and in various weather conditions! 

Consult With The Experts

If you’re having trouble deciding, don’t be afraid to ask your local roofers for their opinion; they’ve seen just about every color roof you can think of and know what works best and is most popular among homeowners. They’ll help steer you in the right direction.

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