Tips to Help With Leaf Cleanup

Rake, Leaves on Grass in Garden

The fall season is here, so it’s time to start thinking about the leaves that are slowly covering your lawn. While the falling leaves aren’t exactly an unwelcome sight, they can be quite a burden to deal with, especially if you live in an area with many trees. 

To make things easier on homeowners, our team has put together this list of four tips to help you with leaf cleanup this fall, so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently:

Check The Weather

It’s ideal to tackle leaf cleanup on a dry, cool day without rain in the forecast. Also, don’t head outside after a storm, as wet leaves are heavier and more difficult to move and work with. As well, check the wind; you won’t want to have to deal with leaves blowing all over the place and out of your piles. 

Rake Efficiently

Taking a rake and getting to work is the tried and true method for leaf cleanup. If you’re choosing to rake, first and foremost, don’t hurt yourself! Grab your rake with a firm grip, with one hand at the top of the bar and the other as comfortably as possible, far down, for stronger, sturdier movements. As well, try to rake with your knees bent to use your legs strength to avoid back injuries. 

Ditch The Rake

If the rake is proving too much work, try another technique. Mowing your lawn to shred your leaves into mulch is easy, effective, and can help your lawn stay protected during winter. Using a blower is another quick way to get your leaves into piles for removal. If you have a tarp nearby, try this useful trick: lay out the tarp, rake or blow all the leaves onto it, carefully and tightly fold over the sides, and pick up the tarp for easy leaf disposal. 

Protect Yourself

Wearing the right equipment and safety gear is essential when cleaning up your property’s leaves; the activity might not be particularly dangerous, but all the dust and pollen that will be kicked up could be a health hazard. So, wear glasses and a dust mask if you struggle with allergies. Protect your hands with comfortable gripping gloves, and wear close-toed shoes and covering clothes to avoid scratches and injury. 

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