Tips To Prevent Carpenter Ants

Carpenter Ant Crawling On Wood

Have you noticed any large black or reddish ants wandering through your home’s interior or exterior? You may want to get a close look at those ants because if it is indeed a carpenter ant, you’ll need to ensure they don’t cause your house any severe damage. 

Carpenter ants are wood-destroying insects that love to make their nests in the wooden parts of your home, such as decking, cabinets, siding, fencing, and more. Actively preventing these ants from hurting your home should be on the list of to-dos for any homeowner. 

Why Carpenter Ants Are A Serious Problem

Many homeowners shrug off seeing one or two carpenter ants crawling around, which is a mistake. Just because you only see a couple of these little ants doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty more eating out at the wooden areas of your home. 

Carpenter ants don’t eat through wood the same way that termites do, but they still can leave you with a lot of damage. These ants create tunnels throughout the wood to create comfortable nests. When this happens, support beams can break, floors can dip, walls can bulge, and much more severe destruction can ensue.  

What You Can Do To Prevent Carpenter Ants

Before these carpenter ants start infesting your home, it’s ideal to take preventive measures to ensure they never find their way to your house in the first place. Here are some ideas to help you prevent a carpenter ant infestation:

  • Relocate wood items – If you have any firewood, construction materials, or any other wood products, consider storing them outside of your house at least 20 feet away, and if possible, elevate them off the ground. 
  • Cut back branches – Keep branches and brushes cut short and away from your home, so shade is reduced. The sun can dry up any exterior moisture and prevent rot, which attracts carpenter ants. 
  • Keep your gutters clean – Obstructed gutters with any breaks throughout the system create puddles and moisture outside your home, which create rot.
  • Fix any issues – If there are any water issues near your home or any rot, have them fixed as soon as possible. 
  • Get an inspection – Have a professional inspect your home for any issues or signs of carpenter ants frequently to ensure your house is safe and protected.


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