What Should My Roof Estimate Include?

LV Clipboard with bid estimate form. Blue Collar worker is making a bid on customers repair needs. Roof repairs needed after storms hit the area.

Planning a roof replacement can be an overwhelming experience. Most homeowners don’t know what to look for when getting estimates from different companies, but it’s essential to do some research about roofing estimates to ensure you are getting the best services and minimize the chances of complications.  

Here’s what your roofing estimate should include:

Payment Information

This should include the due dates of payment and what methods of payment are accepted. 


All service costs should be detailed, including labor, equipment, materials, removing the old roof, dumpster rentals, debris removal, and more.  

Roofing Materials

There should be a detailed section explaining and listing all the materials used on the project and their costs, including roof coverings, shingles, drip edges, flashing, nails, ventilation, etc. There should also be a description and list of all the steps and work being done on the home.  

The Work Being Completed and the Expectations of Work

There should be a complete description and list of all the steps and work being done on the home included in the estimate. The contractors should also list the guarantees of their workmanship, results, and the cleanup afterward.  


The estimate should list the entire approximate timeline of the project from start to finish.  


Be sure the estimate includes all the information about the warranties for both workmanship and materials. 

Insurance and Licensing

Never sign a contract with a roofing contractor unless you are sure they have proper insurance and a license to work. 

Additional Charges

If there is a possibility for additional charges to be added throughout the project, there should be a section detailing these add-ons.

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