What To Do With Your Fall Leaves

Couple Raking Autumn Leaves And Putting Into Wheelbarrow In Garden

Leaf cleanup on your property is an important job every time fall rolls around, and it can seem like foliage just keeps on piling up. Instead of mindlessly filling up bags with your autumn leaves, turn them into something beneficial or fun!  

The team at Landmark Exteriors has some ideas for what you can do with your fall leaves, besides leaving them in a bag on your curb:

Make Mulch

Leaves are a natural mulch that can help protect your gardens! Add some leaves to the tops of your soil to prevent weed growth, and as an added layer of protection from the cold and snow, so your plants are healthy and happy once spring returns.  

Improve Your Soil

You can also take some shredded leaves and mix them right into your soil. As they decompose, your soil will become more nutrient-rich, leading to more earthworms and other microorganism activities that help your plants grow.  

Get a Compost Pile Started

If you’re not already composting, now is a great time to start! Take your fall leaves and pile them in an open corner of your yard to get your compost started; making a simple structure with wood or chicken wire helps them not to blow away. Keep layering other compostable materials such as grass clippings and kitchen scraps and watch them decompose throughout fall and winter. When spring arrives, you’ll have a great compost mix to add to your garden soil.  

Make a Scarecrow

If you’re looking for a fun fall project with the kids, try making your very own scarecrow! Use old clothes, some dry leaves, and grab a pole to display your new creation to ward off birds in your garden. 

Fall Decorations

Some of your fallen leaves may be more attractive than others, so take advantage of these! You can use leaves with different colors and shapes to make some gorgeous fall-themed decorations for both inside and outside your home. Try adding them into a vase with some fall flowers or lights!

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