Why is My Property Filled With Mosquitoes?

Do you frequently wake up with new mosquito bites during the summertime?

This isn’t always because of dumb luck. You probably have a lot of mosquito bites because you’re close to a mosquito breeding ground.

How do you know when an area is a mosquito breeding ground?

You have to know what attracts mosquitoes to a specific area…

mosquito and its summertime breeding ground

What Attracts Mosquitoes?

The number one thing mosquitoes need in order to breed (and thrive) is standing water.

Mosquitoes will lay their eggs in the water (or close by) and they will hatch in anywhere from a week to 10 days time. Mosquito larvae will continue to stay near this small water supply until they’ve reached adulthood.

Therefore, any items on your property that can hold water will attract mosquitoes and become a breeding ground. This includes untreated swimming pools, fountains, bird baths, kiddie pools, empty planters, tires, etc.

Anything that holds rainwater like this should be tipped over and emptied out.

In addition to these items holding water, they can also hold debris like dead leaves, dirt, trash, mulch, etc. This debris is what adult mosquitoes use as their shelter because it provides them with the shade and moisture they need.

Remove debris from your property, as well as cutting back overgrown vegetation.

How Your Gutters Attract Mosquitoes

You might be thinking that there’s no place on your property that is filled with debris and standing water — but have you thought about the condition of your gutter system?

Gutters that haven’t been cleared of debris, leaves, sticks, etc. can easily stop the flow of rainwater, which will lead to a pooling of water within your gutters. Now you have a breeding ground for mosquitoes attached to your home.

This is why you need to have your gutters cleaned annually (and sometimes two to three times per year).

If you’re a responsible homeowner and your gutters are free of leaves, make sure they have the proper slope leaning toward the downspouts. Gutters without enough slope toward the downspouts will cause rainwater to pool in the gutters even if there’s no debris blocking the way.

If you grab a ladder and climb up to discover standing water in your gutter system, contact your local roofing company ASAP. Not only will mosquitoes begin to breed here, you’ll also be more susceptible to roof leaks — which we all know are the WORST!

Put away the citronella candles and start addressing the problem!

When you need your gutters repaired or replaced, know that your friends at Landmark Exteriors can handle the job for you.

Just give us a call and we’ll head right on over to give your home the gutter system it deserves!

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