Why is My Roof Leaking?

When the roof over your head isn’t provided with regular maintenance, roof leaks can occur.

You might notice brown spots on your walls or ceilings inside of your home — these are usually a warning sign that there’s a roof leak in need of attention (unless your plumbing has sprung a leak).

Unfortunately, there are a few reasons why your roof is leaking…

a damaged roof will lead to roof leaks

Your Gutters Are a Mess

When you ignore critical gutter maintenance, such as clearing out debris and ensuring there’s enough slope positioned toward the downspout, you should expect to see some roof leaks sooner rather than later.


When rainwater falls from the roof to the gutters, gutter debris and improper slope will trap this water, causing it to pool over onto the eaves and edges of your roof. Think of this as a mini-flood at the edge of your roof — eventually, a leak will form.

You Have Shingles Missing

How often do you actually take the time to go outside, walk around your property, and inspect your roof from all sides?

(Probably not as often as you should…)

This is an important piece of maintenance that should be done at least once per season AND after harsh rain and snow storms. High-speed winds and heavy precipitation can cause shingles to rip off — as well as others to curl or crack over time, thus, breaking off.

Missing shingles should be replaced as soon as you notice they’re gone, otherwise, a roof leak can occur as soon as the very next rainfall.

Your Roof is Old

A homeowner that provides their roof with all of the proper maintenance throughout the years can still experience roof leaks if the roof is old and at the end of its useful life.

For many homeowners, they will purchase a home and keep the current roof because it most likely has some useful years left — especially if repairs are made right off the bat.

However, all roofing materials have their own specific lifespan and when your roof (made up of that material) reaches that age, a replacement will be necessary. Allowing your home to sport a roof passed its useful life is like playing with fire when it comes to impending roof leaks.

Roof leaks just don’t worsen the current condition of your roof — they can also cause damage to the structure, walls, and ceilings of the interior of your home.

When your home is in need of roof inspections, roof repairs, or complete roof replacements, our pro roofers at Landmark Exteriors will do everything to ensure your home is well-protected!

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