Why Slate Roofs Are Always a Good Choice!

When you look at some of the most beautiful buildings (whether they’re houses, museums, or grand cathedrals), many of them have slate roofs.


Because slate is one of the BEST roofing materials you can use! And here are a few reasons to back up that sentiment.

slate roof

Standing the Test of Time

The average roof (depending on the material) will last roughly 20 to 30 years if you provide it with the proper maintenance and repairs. This is good, but not the best out there…

On the other hand, slate roofs can last over 100 years if the slate is properly installed and maintained! There are slate roofs that were installed toward the end of the 1800s that are still in use (with repairs and maintenance made throughout the years) that are still holding up incredibly well.

In addition to lasting a very long time, slate roofs are also resistant to fires. This can help prevent your home from catching fire if there’s a house fire next door.

Money Well Spent

The reason many folks don’t always go with slate as their roofing material of choice is because of the price. Yes, it is the most expensive roofing material available.

However, with slate roofs being able to last roughly a century, you (or the future owners of your home) won’t have to replace the roof every 20 to 30 years as a normal homeowner would. By cutting down on anywhere from three to five new roof installations, this exponentially cuts down on the amount you’ll spend on your roof over a lifetime.

Therefore, if you’re planning on staying in your home for an extended period of time (or are looking to up the resale value of your home), slate makes perfect sense.

A Thing of Beauty

There’s a reason that some of the most beautiful buildings across the world are all built with slate roofs covering them. Yes, they are reliable, but they are also a thing of beauty with a timeless look.

Some of the most beautiful buildings in the world include Oxford University, Rockefeller Mansion, Walt Disney Residence, and a LONG list of famous cathedrals — all of which have slate roofs.

When choosing slate for your roof, you can choose the size, thickness, and color of the tiles you want. This will allow you to match it to your desired color of siding, the size of the house, and the overall look you’re going for.

Choosing slate for your home’s roof might be one of the smartest decisions you’ll ever make.

When it’s time for your roof to be replaced or repaired, feel free to give us a call and we’ll gladly provide you with a fair estimate!

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