How To Choose The Right Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is an attractive and practical option for your home’s exterior. But when you’re in the market for new cedar siding, the amount of options you have may leave you overwhelmed. The best way to start your new endeavor is to familiarize yourself with this material so you can make the best decision for your home.

How To Choose The Right Cedar Siding | Cedar Siding | CT | Landmark Exteriors

Both red and white cedar are used for siding materials. Red cedar siding is usually more durable and comes in a variety of styles. White cedar siding only comes in one style and because of its light color and weathered look, it’s often used in coastal areas.

Red and white cedar siding is available in different grades, which will affect the overall look of your home’s exterior. There are clear grades, which have a fine, smooth appearance. There is also knotty grades, with shows knots and other growth characteristics, giving the siding a more rough and textured look.

There is typically two finishing options – a semitransparent or a solid finish. A semi-transparent finish allows the natural color and texture of cedar to show through. Solid finishes stains the cedar and alters its natural color.

When working with white cedar siding, there’s only one style available – shingles, which offers a more tailored look. Red cedar siding is not only available as shingles and shakes, but also in a variety of clapboard options as well.

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