How to Locate a Leak in Your Roof

Leaking suspended ceiling

Even the smallest roof leaks can seriously damage your home, and the longer you wait to get it fixed, the more costly and severe the destruction will be. After handling damage control inside your home, locating the source of the leak should be one of your next steps.

From the Landmark Exteriors team, here are four steps to help you find a roof leak and get it repaired:

Use Your Senses

When it comes to finding a leak in your roof, start by using your senses. 

  • Look for any leaking water, water stains on your ceiling, bulging patches on your interior walls, and spots of water damage on your exterior walls. 
  • Listen carefully for any sounds of dripping water. 
  • Smell for any musty and unpleasant odors.

Any of these signs can point to a leak in your roof. But it’s important to be aware that the first place you notice the leak may not actually be where the leak in your roof is coming from. 

Inspect Your Attic

The next step to finding that pesky roof leak is to head to the attic and look for evidence. Grab your flashlight, watch your head, and look for water stains, mold, and black marks along the roof sheathing. If you don’t have access to an attic space, you’ll have to go directly to the roof. 

When inspecting the attic, you want to rule out any other possible causes of the leak. One particular place to check is around exposed nails; when moisture from the below floors meet the attic’s cold air, it condenses around the nail and then melts throughout the day, creating a water drip. 

Make It Rain

If your home and attic inspections are turning up dry trying to identify where the hole in your roof is, it’s time to simulate some rain; you’ll just need the help of two friends! Have one person waiting inside where you believe the leak is entering your home. Then have someone watch your ladder as you carefully climb up to your roof. Use a handy garden hose to shower one section of your roof at a time for a few minutes, and have your friend inside shout when they see a drip.  

Contact a Professional For Repairs

The best and safest way to ensure your roof is fully repaired is to contact your local roofing professionals. They will be able to inspect and repair any leaks and other issues with your roof quickly and safely. You’ll feel at ease knowing your roof will be back to tip-top shape before you know it.  

Contact Landmark Exteriors for roofing inspections, repairs, and installations!

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