Spring Cleaning Your Roofing System

man on ladder cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt

Have you started your spring cleaning yet? Homeowners, year after year, make long lists of work that needs to be done to get their house ready for the spring and summer seasons, but too often is the roof overlooked. 

From the Landmark Exteriors roofing experts, here are a few tasks to add to your spring cleaning checklist to protect your roof:

  1. Clear Off Debris

The fall and winter weather has likely left your rooftop a bit cluttered. Debris such as sticks, branches, and leaves left on your roof can clog up your gutter system and cause damage to your shingles. You can remove this debris either by hand or with the help of a leaf blower. If you can’t complete this task safely on your own, don’t hesitate to reach out to Landmark Exteriors for help.  

  1. Cut Back Trees

If you have any trees with branches overhanging your roof or trees that look unstable, consider removing them asap; you never know when the next storm can come and knock them down on your home. 

  1. Wash Off Mold And Mildew

If your roof has any leaks or is holding in moisture, you may notice mold and mildew growth. This is a serious concern because it can be dangerous for you and your family’s health. Look for any discolored streaks on your roof, and be sure to have it thoroughly cleaned by a professional.  

  1. Look For Signs Of Damage

It’s possible the seasonal changes in weather, and heavy storms have left your roof with some concerning damages that you need to get fixed this spring. Be on the lookout for curled, missing, or broken shingles that need to be replaced and any holes or leaks, and don’t delay getting those repairs completed.  

  1. Examine The Attic

One of the most important places to inspect for leaks and mold is the attic. If holes or leaks are present, have them addressed as soon as possible before the damage and your costs increase. It’s possible to also have mold and mildew growth even without a leak if there isn’t adequate ventilation, so be on the lookout for discoloration and foul smells signaling fungi growth. 

  1. Check And Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning your gutter system twice a year should be on every homeowner’s list of to-dos, especially in the spring. Clear out any debris from your gutters and downspouts and look for any cracks that need to be fixed to ensure they can handle all the rain on its way. 

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