The Benefits of Replacing Your Roof During The Fall Season

Slate roof closeup

A total roof replacement is a major renovation and takes a lot of hard work from an expert team, but they are essential to protect your home and all it houses. If you think it’s time to replace your roof, the fall season may be the perfect time to cross it off your list. 

From the expert roofers at Landmark Exteriors, here are five reasons why the fall season is ideal for your home’s roof replacement: 

Storm Season Has Ended

Spring and summer storms are not to be underestimated. Since rain can extend and derail a roof replacement, it’s important to avoid it as best you can when scheduling roofing projects. By the fall season, hopefully, most of the serious storms are past, and the cool, dry weather is in full swing. As a result, there will be little interruption to prolong the job. 

Be Prepared For Snow

Whether you want it to or not, winter is coming, and so is the snow! With a brand new roof, you’ll be more prepared than ever to protect your home from snow, ice, hail, and whatever else the winter season can throw your way; after all, that’s its job! You won’t have to worry about any damages or issues with your roof’s well-being all winter. 

Save on Heating

Just like the snow on its way, the chilling cold will be here before we know it! A new roof can reduce your heating bills this winter, as it can provide excellent insulation for your home. 

Proper Sealing

By getting your new roof installed in the fall, there will be an adequate amount of time for your roof materials to bond to the roof before snowy, cold weather arrives. This as well helps improve insulation from the moisture and cold temperatures.  

The Conditions Are Ideal

Many roofers will agree that temperatures between 45 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit are ideal for roof installations for the materials to dry and bond. Also, the cooler temperatures are more comfortable for your roofers to work in since roof replacements require intense labor and lots of work.  

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