Tips For Protecting Your Gutters From Severe Storms

Hail Stones Hitting a Roof During a Storm shows pea-sized ice chunks bouncing off a portion of a house roof.

Severe storms can pop up at any time, so it’s best to be prepared. Your home’s gutters serve an important function of collecting rainwater off your roof and rerouting it safely away from your home’s foundation. If your gutter system is clogged, broken, or not functioning properly, this could cause a serious and costly issue after a heavy storm.

From the team at Landmark Exteriors, here’s how to get your home’s gutter system ready for severe storms:  

Empty And Clean Your Gutters

To handle the tons of water that flood your gutters during a heavy storm, you need to ensure nothing is clogging or taking up space in your gutters. Make sure to periodically clean out any dirt and debris throughout the gutter system, downspouts included, to ensure they can do their job properly– this is the most crucial step in preparing your gutters for rain.  

Check The Hardware

Gutters can take a real beating from a storm’s rain and wind, so while cleaning your gutters, take a few moments to check over all the hardware that makes up the system to ensure it’s ready for what’s ahead. Be on the lookout for cracks, loose pieces, rusting, or anything else concerning that might need to be fixed.  

Trim Nearby Trees

And now that your gutters are clean and debris-free, you’ll want to make sure any overhanging or nearby trees are trimmed back. Doing this helps reduce worry that leaves and sticks can fall off and damage or clog your gutter system. 

Get an Inspection

The best way to be certain your home’s gutters are ready to handle severe weather is to have a local professional inspect the system. It’s recommended to get an inspection done at least once a year to ensure the gutters are doing their job properly and to avoid more costly damages. 

Don’t Wait For Repairs And Replacements

If you or the inspector determines that repairs are needed, or it’s time for a total replacement, don’t put it off. Waiting to get them fixed can leave you with more serious and costly problems for the gutters themselves and your house’s exterior. 

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