Why Does My Cedar Roof Curl?

When it comes to the roofing on your home, it’s essentially part of a lifeline that prevents the interior, your ceiling, walls and attic from getting wet. And for the most part, it does a great job! However when your shingles begin to get old and deteriorate, that might change. As they do get old, shingles made of material like cedar might begin to curl, which begs why they do that! Below are a few reasons why this happens, and what your options are. 

General Curling

Oddly enough, your roof curling is a natural process that might happen due to the sun’s ultraviolet rays, combined with the effects of rain and temperature changes. As these all happen, those shingles take a beating — and over time, can begin to fail. When those shingles are constantly exposed to different types of weather, it can lead to faster deterioration, which results in earlier signs of damage and quicker need for replacement. 

Some Fixes

Some fixes for a cedar roof can be having them pressure washing or performing spot treatment on small affected areas — however most of the time, this doesn’t always work. It’s important to make sure everything is thoroughly inspected to make sure you’re getting the best fix or solution to the issue you’re experiencing the first time. 


If replacement is something you feel you need, the options for you are generally available as you need them. It’s important that when performing something like this, you’re choosing to go with a reputable company that can perform the repairs and replacement in a professional, cohesive and timely manner. After all, your roofing is extremely important and it’s nothing to short yourself on! 

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