Dangers of Insufficient Ventilation On Your Roof

Closeup of a roof vent on a house.

Proper roof and attic ventilation might not be something you think about often, but without it, you could be looking at several issues. The effects of poor aeration can cause damage to your roof and can make it hard to salvage what is left. With the right insulation in your attic and airflow, you can avoid these dangers. 

Roof Damage

Without improper ventilation, excessive heat and moisture can cause your roof to corrode. The shingles and underlayment support can start to crack and break off, and they are both essential to the structure of your roof.

Mold Build Up

Mold grows in places where it’s overly damp or wet, and that could end up being your roof and attic! Without the right room to breathe, these areas of your house may remain moist for long periods, and with excess moisture comes the danger of mold growth.


Mold isn’t the only thing you need to worry about in your attic; you’ll want to look for rusting, too!. When excess moisture is present, the components that hold your roof together can rust, leading to shingle loss. Not to mention when condensation builds up in your act, parts of your air vents, plumbing, and heating can all be at risk of rusting, too.  

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