Winter Home Decor Tips

As winter carries on and we’re dreaming of the warmer weather where we’ll spend our days outside, it’s important to try and embrace a bit of the season before it’s over. You don’t necessarily need to be a gung-ho winter person, but a little decorating can help you feel a tad more cozy at home and make the season a bit more bearable. Below are a few things to decorate your home with to really bring out that winter vibe. 

Pillows & Blankets

Curling up on the couch with a warm drink and a good book or movie to watch is a great way to enjoy the colder months when it’s too frigid to go for a run or a swim. Pairing your couch with softer, warmer blankets and a few extra seasonal pillows can really bring out the most in the season, allowing you to stay cozy, enjoy the warmth of your own home, and change the look of your living rooms for a bit. Typically lighter colors and plaids work best, but anything winter-themed will work!

Candles & Decorations

The scent from a nice pine tree is best enjoyed during the Christmas months, but once that’s taken down, you need something else to freshen up the scent of your home. While a nice pine candle might work, some seasonal potpourri or a warm, food scented candle might also be a nice addition and when lit, can really make you feel like you’re inside of a cozy cabin.


Although it might not seem too important, adding a trendy set of curtains or a heavier set can help you keep out light when you want to sleep in, and keep warm throughout the day. Not only can this help by doing that, but it can also keep your living spaces a bit more festive and tasteful during the months of cold weather. 

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